ktools Software
Welcome to the ktools software page. The following programs are avaliable for download:

Program Description Stable Beta
Neo Complete SNMP network management tool 1.3.1  
Owl Curses-based tty AIM and Zephyr client 2.2.2  
Oak Log parsing and notification program 1.5.0  
nmcalc Netmask calculator 1.03  
disco Download cisco configuration files 1.2  
flowtee Netflow splitter 1.1  
netclass Print the class of an internet address 1.0  
zlogger Zephyr logging daemon 1.3  
ftpshove Python script for uploading files via FTP 1.0  

The following services are also available:

Bugzilla ktools bug/feature tracking
Mailman ktools mailing lists

These programs were written by James Kretchmar. If you have questions or bugs to report about a particular program please use the contact address provided with that program. If you have general questions about ktools software send mail to bugs@ktools.org.

The programs Neo and Oak are described in detail in the book Open Source Network Administration, published by Prentice Hall PTR.

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